18 February, 2018

Investment Planning Counsel recognized for client service excellence

Investment Planning Counsel recognized for client service excellence

Client satisfaction is at the core of a strong advisory relationship

As an Advisor, I’m committed to staying on top of your financial needs and objectives, and delivering investment and planning solutions well suited to your unique circumstances. It takes a lot of time and effort, but helping you move towards and then reach your goals is incredibly satisfying for me.

I’m pleased to share some recent industry recognition we received for the strong financial advisory work we do at Investment Planning Counsel (IPC). While I always appreciate hearing positive client comments, it’s fulfilling to get objective third-party validation.

Investment Executive has published its annual “Report Card on Client Satisfaction” results. Investment Executive is a leading publication for Advisors that recently surveyed 12,000 advised clients across Canada. The survey explored key factors like the Advisor’s knowledge and professionalism, plus important personal traits like honesty, dependability, responsiveness and more. These factors were combined to provide a snapshot of how satisfied clients are with their Advisor. IPC is truly honoured to emerge as an industry leader.

The survey results speak for themselves

The aggregate rating for IPC’s Advisors was higher than that of any other firm – in many cases by a wide margin. For example, 85.9% of IPC-advised clients described their Advisor as being knowledgeable, which was the survey’s best score (category average was 71.9%). Similarly, top marks in the entire survey went to IPC Advisors for being the most communicative and innovative. The survey also revealed that IPC clients experienced so much satisfaction that the percentage of our clients considering finding a new Advisor was overwhelmingly lower than any other firm.

When Investment Executive asked Sam Febbraro, IPC’s Executive Vice President of Advisor Services, why IPC scored strongly on so many crucial measures, he replied, “IPC Advisors increasingly go beyond the traditional questions of investment objectives and time horizons, and focus on identifying clients’ core priorities and values.”

As your Advisor, I’m focused on understanding your goals and creating a customized plan that maps out how to achieve those goals. Since you have a variety of financial needs and objectives, my planning process helps define goals for you and your family, prioritizes them and determines the best strategies to reach them.

I’m proud to be part of an organization that puts clients’ needs first. You can be assured that IPC is fully committed to maintaining this industry-leading level of care and service for you and your family. After all, I’m only satisfied when you’re satisfied.

Contact our office today if you’d like to discuss more about the outstanding value we offer.

Source: Investment Executive Article: (https://www.investmentexecutive.com/newspaper_/news-newspaper/strong-relationships-drive-client-loyalty/)